Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lycus, Folivore, Leucosis @ Thee Witch

FRIDAY JULY 26th, 2013 - 6:30 PM Doors
LYCUS (Oakland Funeral Doom) Bandcamp
FOLIVORE (Santa Cruz “totally doomed blackened stoner metal")
LEUCOSIS (Santa Cruz/San Francisco heavy Black Metal - now with mem. of Rain in Endless Fall) Bandcamp
At the Witch Haus. 214 Plymouth St. Santa Cruz.
5 Dollar suggested donation. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Safer Space means no oppressive behavior, no weapons, no macho bullshit will be tolerated.
All ages shows at the Witch are for everyone to enjoy without fear of violence, creeps, or shit-lords. Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


this show has been moved about three times. its landed at the marsh house, at the end of Barson Street.

Dogbreth (self-described powerkindness from Phoenix)

Drainbow ("what punks sound like when they drop acid and smoke DMT.")

Sharkpact (AMAZING synth punk from olympia, members of hail seizures)

Brett and Tyler (Santa Cruz)

$4-6 donation for touring bands, notaflof

no cops

Also, sorry for not updating much. Life in Santa Cruz has been too busy to keep up. There's been a shortage of houses that can host punk shows lately, so SCDIY urges you to open yer living rooms (and hearts) to touring bands. Only you can help keep the scene alive. Contact us if you want shows thrown at you and your housemates.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

storeyfest today

live music all day. hot dogs, vegan nachos, and other things. 

june 2nd. noon till infinity. happy summer!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

age of collapse had to cancel, and now break edge is playing.

Monday, April 16, 2012

lots of shows coming up! notably 4/20 at storey haus! more later!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

matador/pale robin APRIL 10th

our beloved AUGUST put together this hella siqq tuesday night show. git it.

MATADOR (so good, going on tour through their own town)
PALE ROBIN (2/5 of blackbird raum, fucking good, kind of quiet)
GEM BROKERS (virtually un-googleable)
BREAK EDGE (power violence d-beat legends since last tuesday, featuring yours truly)

at subrosa. 703 pacific. 7pm. $3 notaflof.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hella siqq 4/20 punk show

where? storey haus
when? 4/20, bro. 7pm sharp.

ACID FAST (from oakland)

gritty/catchy pop punk that you dream about every night

YOUTH AVOIDERS (from france)

stripped down hardcore that sounds like another decade in a good way; probably the 80s, but maybe the 90s

BIG KIDS (from oakland)

songs to fan the flames of nostalgia and first kisses; kinda like if jawbreaker started in the east bay

JOYRIDE! (from san francisco/santa cruz)

you already know and you want more

holy shit. be there. and bring some dollars for touring bands! one of 'em is coming all the way from paris, for god's sake.

a show at 215 storey

when? monday, april 9th. 7pm sharp!
BAD BRAIDS -- as pretty as our house is gross, from philadelphia

the BLACK MAGIC FAMILY BAND -- kinda like a bad mushroom trip in a good way

NESSIE & HER BEARD -- your favorite local band after blackbird raum

bring donations for touring bands? bring kittenz. byob? bring yer friends.


yeah you know it
i heard they're cool
your favorite band
the best thing to happen to my attic

wednesday april 4, 8pm at 105 pioneer street

fucking $7, probably not notaflof

Friday, March 23, 2012

bacon and bloody mary brunch, march 24th!!!!

at barson swamp.

Fancy brunch to support Santa Cruz Legal Defense Fund and Dane Rossman of Arizona (SEE BELOW for information)

Vegan and real bacon! Pitchers of bloody marys- both non-alcoholic and filled with vodka! And other stuff.

10AM til ?

$10-20 notaflof I guess (but like, come on)

We have 4ish cat-friends, so if you bring your dog-friend they should not be of the feline-eating purrsuasion. Same goes for kids. No cat-eating children.

Contact if you would like to play music, donate/steal/buy food, or help cook

Celebrate the beginning of spring and our undying spirit. Bring your friend$, your anti$ocial hou$emate, your mom$!

Be respectful of the space. This is our home yall.

Saturday, November 13th, 2010 the National Socialist Movement gathered in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, as a part of their humorously titled “Reclaim the Southwest 2” tour. The NSM consider themselves to be on the forefront of the push toward more draconian, discriminatory, and racist laws, and increased militarization on the southern border. This is the context for anti-fascist action in Arizona. Anarchists resisted and some now face intense state repression.

Dane Rossman, of Tucson, AZ, is in need of urgent support in the face of multiple felony charges stemming from the riot which occurred on that day. In a worst case scenario, Dane could be looking at over 20 years in prison. He is charged with 6 counts of aggravated assault and 1 count of rioting.

As of right now, Dane is out on bail and attending scheduled court dates until trial in May. No plea offer has been made so far and it remains difficult to tell how aggressively the state is pursuing the charges. Dane and his supporters are currently attempting to obtain private counsel and strongly feel that this could be the best route for things to work out as well as possible for Dane – that is, to keep Dane out of prison.

Please help out Dane in any way you can, financially or otherwise, and forward this information to anyone interested in the ongoing struggles against white supremacy and fascism.

Learn more here:
If you can't make it but want to donate:


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

monday march 26!


stelth ulvang (from the dovekins)

mars (from raum, duh)

dustin st. wright (from mylo jenkins)

1145 laurel

march 26, 7pm! 3-5 bux, notaflof

Monday, March 19, 2012


Come listen to pleasant melodies and drink somewhat cheap beer at STOREY HAUS

MARCH 22nd


bandz include:

CAW ( it's like a shotgun blast of awesome, members of cockjaw)

PETOSKEY (shit-your-pants-beautiful folk music from Portland)

River Whyless

Little Tybee

come support local and touring bands!
bring three to five dollars for touring bands if you can